Amber Cove Cruise Terminal

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Atkins provided planning services related to the potential development of a cruise terminal and port of call at Puerto Castillo in the Dominican Republic. The first goal of the project was to help Carnival Corporation make a decision about whether to proceed with the project. Secondly, Atkins’ work was submitted as part of the environmental permit application.

For planning purposes, the development was envisioned to include a water park amenity of between 7 and 14 acres with two integrated food and beverage locations; an intermodal transport center with active zones for 50 taxis, 50 coaches, and 50 rental cars; an intermodal staging area for 150 taxis and from 100 to 150 coach buses; a government office building; a series of shops totaling 35,000 to 40,000 square feet; a destination duty-free shop of about 10,000 to 12,000 square feet; and a hilltop food and beverage establishment with a ramp and mechanical access from below.

Atkins provided a number of deliverables to the client consisting of land use plan options; conceptual plan options based on the approximate locations of major structures and features; site circulation diagrams including vehicular and passenger movements; order of magnitude estimate of probable costs for horizontal and vertical landside development; utility demand calculations and conceptual design, and an executive summary that presented our findings. As a result of our efforts, the project has been approved for development, with a groundbreaking ceremony scheduled for April 2012.