Miami Metro Rail

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Atkins was a partner in the Kaiser joint venture, serving Miami-Dade County as general architectural and engineering consultant for the METRORAIL rapid transit system. The first stage of the system was a 20.5-mile aerial and at-grade, fixed guideway, heavy rail system with 20 stations. The system will ultimately be 50 miles in length bringing direct rail or feeder bus service to virtually all of Miami-Dade County's 1.5 million residents.

Atkins personnel were involved in all aspects of the design, procurement, and construction management of the first stage of the system, with primary participation in station location/planning, line section guideway design, utility requirements, plans and installation, structural design, track-work design, specifications, right-of-way surveying and acquisition, cost estimating, and construction management and procurement.

During system preliminary engineering, our planners were involved in the station location studies for the system's 20 stations, including the evaluation of routing and alignment alternatives. Our work involved complete evaluations of alternatives for environmental, traffic, land use, urban design and other physical and social impacts. The station location process involved an intensive public involvement program.

Atkins planners were also involved in the subsequent Station Area Design and Development (SADD) Program—a comprehensive study to determine the best possible use for lands immediately surrounding each station site. The SADD studies involved land use, zoning and displacement research, demographic studies and projections relating to the impact of the station, as well as participation in the public involvement effort.